Collins Aerospace license deal is imminent

It’s great to have confirmation that the long-awaited aviation license deal with Collins Aerospace is set to be announced imminently. Yes, really.

In a presentation to Italian investors back in November 2022, Paul McGlone, CEO of Seeing Machines, revealed that it was expected to be signed before the end of 2022. I assume the deal with Collins Aerospace was then slightly delayed while the fine details were negotiated and will be announced on or before the forthcoming US investor/analyst event on the 8th March in New York.

I’d heard strong rumours a few months back of such a deal and so posted this blog back in August, since when further research has led me to conclude I was correct. However, the interview now confirms it and provides a lot more detail. For example, Paul McGlone reveals that around A$15m will be paid upfront with higher ASP and recurring maintenance fees being part of the deal. 

Collins has previously refused to comment but I assume this will now change. 

In addition, Seeing Machines is also bidding for a huge RFQ for an international airline to place its pilot monitoring technology in approximately 333 ‘7’ series Boeing jets and 18 simulators. I’m assuming it may be Emirates but it could also be a US airline.

It’s fantastic news for Seeing Machines and will finally prove the worth of the aviation business. Indeed, when officially confirmed the deal should produce numerous broker upgrades and have fund managers scrambling to buy into the stock.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.