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  1. What’s new out there on Seeing Machines? I wish Investor relations was a higher priority for the company. Do you know the new COO Ryan Murphy? Is he a liability or an asset, or does it not matter much? When, in 2018, might any new car models disclose a similar “feature” such as SuperCruise?

    • Hi Mitch,

      The company isn’t engaging much with me, or indeed any journalists that are prepared to critically appraise its recent performance. Moreover, I certainly wish engaging with PIs was a higher priority. I don’t know the new COO. I’m confident it has effectively won Toyota and FCA, and I expect it will win VW. As to when any formal announcements on new auto contracts will be announced? I expect it will be before the end of Q1 2019, at the latest.

  2. Hi Chris.

    Just wondering if this is a jib at SEE

    “I can and do make mistakes, especially about the quality of management”. If so, why so? If they have won BMW, Merc, Ford, GM, and then potentially VW, FCA, and Toyota. Surely the management cannot be blamed. Of course this is only valid if you are referring to the same company as myself.


    • It was a general point I was making. Judging the quality of management is one of the hardest parts of investing, at least for me. Even the best management makes mistakes occasionally or can be caught out by events beyond its control.

      Regarding Seeing Machines, I’d like to see more open and transparent communication with its private investor base. Webcasts where they allow investors to ask questions and so on.

  3. Howdy Chris! SM stock has been holding up relatively well in this stormy market – I’m sure management will take full credit 😉 Any updates? Can you share any of the research brokers’ recent (post-share issuance) burbs on valuation or the future timing of these hopeful design wins? I still find it strange that I have to resort to following the company on social media rather than in investor news! Where can we track the “official” status of that European vote on safety requirement specifications? Anyway, I, like many out there reading this, am down but not out.

  4. Lots of great news out of CES2020; what are your updated thoughts? How are the brokers adjusting views? We probably get a fundamental update next week?

  5. What do you think about “Ultra Cruise” ? Can SEE be involved here too?

    Also, do you have any thoughts on the Veoneer saga? Can its uniquely split deal with Qualcomm still be a positive for SEE (compared to the deal with Magna)?

    Looking forward to your next blog post… I’m hoping the company’s official financials do not come with another bloody dilution announcement… I thought the annual report usually comes out around now?

    Keep up the great detective work – since the Company isn’t saying much! Stay healthy…

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