The falsification of history

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The mainstream media is trying to convince us that Labour won a great victory in the 2024 General Election. However, it achieved a landslide because of our archaic and unfair electoral system of first past the post.

Here are some facts that make this pretty obvious.

  1. The turnout for this election was apparently the second lowest since 1885, at 60%.
  2. Labour only won 34% of the votes of the 60% who bothered to vote.
  3. In other words, we now have 412 Labour MPs, elected by only 20.4% of voters.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget that in 2019 Corbyn secured 10,269,051 votes against Starmer’s 9,686,329!

Okay, Labour will say, “So what? We now control the House of Commons”. 

The point is that Keir Starmer has no genuine mandate from the people of the UK. He has taken money from various lobbyists, private health care providers, supporters of Apartheid Israel and has vowed to stick to Tory fiscal rules.

When he embarks on further NHS privatisation, continues to support war against Russia, Israeli Apartheid and genocide, fails to support NHS doctors and striking workers and those opposed to economic austerity that lack of support will matter. He also has no real desire to tackle climate change and won’t manage to revive the UK economy.

When the shit hits the fan over the next few years, the choice will likely boil down to Farage or a genuine left/green opposition. At the moment Farage seems well placed to benefit from Labour failure but the left/greens can build from here. 

Corbyn’s legacy remains, as does he in the House of Commons. Resistance isn’t futile. The Uniparty may have won this electoral battle but we, the people, can resist it effectively if we organise.

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