Polar Capital Technology Trust holds SEE

The Polar Capital Technology Trust has a big cap bias and has125 holdings. It has delivered Net Asset Value returns of 234.84% over the past 10 years, with share price growth of 214.19%

Fund Manager Ben Rogoff has 125 holdings in the £788m fund, the top 5 holdings in the £788m fund are: Alphabet (9.4%), Apple (7.3%), Microsoft (6.5%), Facebook (5.4%) and Amazon (2.9%).

However, 7.5% of the fund is invested in small caps, stocks below $1bn. Indeed, he also holds at least one microcap; AIM-listed Seeing Machines, which constitutes 0.1% of his fund. He told me: “We don’t normally invest in companies at this stage of their development. We made an exception for Seeing Machines because we wanted to gain exposure to the automotive safety theme and believe that the company’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) has great potential, both as an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and as a key component in future semi-autonomous vehicles. The company’s size and relative immaturity is reflected in the position size.”