Battle of the Titans draws ever closer

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I’m glad to finally get confirmation from Seeing Machines that the Mercedes S Class contains its driver monitoring system. Especially, as this website was the first to reveal this¬†4 years ago. The additional models announced today are all good news too.

Okay, we all know about NDAs and lead times in the auto industry by now but, as the deadline for mandatory DMS in Europe nears, SEE is clearly benefitting from a rush for its tech from OEMs.

The good news is that there is a growing pipeline of auto wins that I expect over the next 6 months,  My firm view is that Seeing Machines will (eventually) be in a position to announce wins with VW (and Audi), Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Volvo etc. etc.

Seeing Machines has effectively crushed the opposition and with the help of Qualcomm and Xilinx is scaling up its auto operations beyond the expectations of many.

It’s also making huge strides in getting its technology into the real world via Fleet and¬†Aviation. More on that in due course.

My view is that¬†overall it’s¬†heading for A$1bn+ turnover by 2025. Of course, until the news is ‘official’ and house brokers have put the numbers out, there will be justifiable scepticism. Still, the exact number¬†is less important¬†than the massive revenue and profit acceleration path it¬†is forging. That¬†is now becoming increasingly¬†clear to a host of sweet-toothed companies that would love¬†to acquire a de-risked jam factory.

That is why I expect there to be a massive battle to acquire SEE well before 2025. By late 2022, early 2023, I reckon.

The leading runners and riders will doubtless include some or all of the following:

Expect at least one left field bidder, who could even start the auction off with an opportunistic bid.

As to the price? Well, my minimum is £1 a share. My maximum is £4 by 2023.

A warning: I could be completely wrong. After all, maybe it really was blind luck that I guessed about the Mercedes S Class back in 2017. Moreover, circumstances and stock markets can change quite rapidly, defying conclusions based on fairly accurate analysis.

If you’re in two minds about this you have to ask yourself one question: “Do you feel lucky?”

“Well do you punk?”¬†¬†(2m 11sec)

In any case, do your own research before investing.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.






One thought on “Battle of the Titans draws ever closer

  1. Does that AIM listing “change” really matter?

    I’ve been away from the board for a while. I trimmed my stake to redeploy and reduce risk after years of waiting…

    Happy to say I’ve bought a chunk back and am back in the cheerleading camp and wanted to see how everyone is doing!?

    Also, excited to say that I’m currently waiting for delivery of my Mach-e (I test drove it and believe that driver monitoring gadget above the wheel is ours)!

    I like the price targets in this blog a lot better than the covering analysts’ – my personal view all along has been that this company deserved unicorn status. The extreme dilution by Ken and club though crushed the max price potential? I would love to make it to a pound, but think 40 pence or more is achievable within a few years…

    Any predictions on how the year finished up? My model estimates about 30k-31k Guardian installed base…
    What are the prospects of the company going “public” for real by way of a SPAC? Then again, they hopefully do not NEED a SPAC’s cash…
    Any other potential positive catalysts out there in the near term? Maybe US regulatory passage?

    Hope this finds everyone healthy…

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