Teasing RNS from Seeing Machines

Yesterday’s RNS from Seeing Machines had some of us hoping that it was alluding to   collaborations with Toyota, Honda and Subaru, when it said: “Seeing Machines is currently working with all major US automotive manufacturers to deliver its industry-leading technology”.

Somebody at Seeing Machines clearly has a wicked sense of humour and I dedicate this track Tease Me to them.

Well, the company has confirmed that what it meant was “traditional US-parented OEMs” not major manufacturers in the US (which would include Toyota, Honda and Subaru).

I’m not disheartened in the slightest as I believe it is working with major Japanese automotive manufacturers and will be in future models from Toyota, Honda and Subaru.

That would be a good RNS to put out. Take your time Seeing Machines as we don’t want to do anything that might double the share price overnight.

Time will reveal if I’m Nostradamus or more of a cut-price Mystic Meg.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.

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