Webcast for Seeing Machines results?

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I’d like to request that Seeing Machines hold a live webcast for investors when it announces its results in late September (no firm date has yet been communicated). This would go some way to improving the transparency of its communications to private investors who don’t have the luxury of regular one-to-one meetings with management.

With its headquarters in Canberra most shareholders aren’t in position to attendĀ resultsĀ presentations/AGMsĀ in person and it would provide demonstrable proof that the new management is committed to clear and timely communication to all.

Other AIM-listed companies do this already. Veoneer, Aptiv and others do it also and Seeing Machines should walk the walk on investor communications.

Never mind spending a fortune on engaging a US PR outfit, there are simple ways to engage existing investors and grow your global profile among investors.

Regardless of the good news that is coming (yes, no rush Seeing Machines we can wait for the official announcements), private investors deserve a clear and transparent communications strategy, not just videos interviews put out on an obscure website where only easy questions are asked (albeit from a skilled interviewer).

I don’t have the influence to make this happen butĀ the investors reading this do. Agitate for it and make it happen. Good luck.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.







2 thoughts on “Webcast for Seeing Machines results?

  1. Well, you have the official date now!
    September 23rd…

    The Capital Markets Day in November 6 in London is interesting… Hopefully some of the outstanding design decisions have been made by then!?

    • Yes, they must be pretty sure of having OEM contracts actually signed off by November 6th, otherwise why go to the trouble? I’m also expecting that we’ll get an upgrade for fleet estimates for 2020 from Cenkos with the results on the 23rd September. Prior to that, news from the Frankfurt Motor Show will hopefully boost the share price.

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