Volvo XC90: another win for SEE

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The evidence is stacking up that Seeing Machines has won Volvo in the teeth of opposition from its Swedish rival Smart Eye.

Read this article on the Volvo XC90 and note the way it describes how the DMS system will work. Congrats to Nick DiFiiore and his team on this one. All we need now is the RNS.

I believe the delay in announcing auto OEM contract news is due to their being re-scoped and enlarged by car manufacturers in the light of EU legislation that will mandate DMS in all new type cars from 2022.

Of course, fund managers have been getting the inside track on developments this week so I am optimistic we will get some big buys.

Still, rather than a soft-focus video, private investors also deserve to meet the management. Hey, SEE, how about organising a webinar and answering some tough questions from people who’ve invested their hard earned money over a number of years? Or better still, call another meeting in London.

Certainly, in his most recent interview the new CEO, Paul McGlone, seemed very confident. He can certainly talk the talk and it is my hope he will also walk the walk over the next 6 months. Time will tell.

The writer holds shares in Seeing Machines.

2 thoughts on “Volvo XC90: another win for SEE

  1. Glad to see the new post!

    What “fund managers” are you referring to? I would have assumed Seeing Machines would be quite careful to NOT selectively disclose the “inside skinny” to anyone? Heck, just tell everyone all the good news in the pipeline!

    Also, personally, I am very glad to see the management changes/promotions. If only it could have happened a year ago.

    The interim Chair of the board has “taking companies public” experience so I truly hope they can do something helpful for shareholder value finally…

  2. Unreal… A press release to “disconfirm” your blog post. Few details or press releases for anything positive, but quick to shoot down.

    Dear SM, since you are reading this,

    It’s okay for investors to use what’s available to deduce or infer our own conclusions. Mosaic theory, etc. Just like the world knows you are probably in Waymo without you telling it. Are you suggesting your auto OEMs will balk/cancel if this blog’s opinions preempt their own announcement (they shouldnt)? Why address this one specifically, doesn’t it put you in a box to confirm all going forward?

    The stock price is still down 80% from its peak… come on!

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