Chat GPT and Seeing Machines

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While the world is going crazy for Chat GPT, I thought I’d see if this AI-powered breakthrough technology could help answer who is the global leader in driver monitoring. 

Its answer to my question was revealing: 

Q. Who is the global leader in driver monitoring?

A. It is difficult to identify a single global leader in driver monitoring, as there are many companies that offer products and services in this space, and the market is constantly evolving. However, some of the leading companies in the field of driver monitoring include Seeing Machines, Smart Eye, and Eyesight Technologies. These companies develop technology that uses cameras, sensors, and advanced algorithms to track a driver’s attention, fatigue, and other key factors, and provide alerts or other feedback to help improve safety on the road. Other major players in this field include Nauto, Omnitracs, and Guardian Optical Technologies, among others.

I’d give the answer qualified approval, as it at least names Seeing Machines first – although it failed to categorically confirm it as the leader – unlike Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua who, in a recent Autonocast interview (10m), stated: “we’re working with the leading supplier in DMS; Seeing Machines.”

I can’t help thinking of Chat GPT as a smart geek who hasn’t yet spent years researching this area but has managed to pick up the basic players pretty quickly. Good for general research, certainly. Although it tends to be a bit behind the times: for example, it missed the fact that Eyesight Technologies changed its name to Cipia a while back.

A takeover of Seeing Machines

I couldn’t leave my questioning there and so asked it to give me the AI Moneyshot answer; who will acquire Seeing Machines?

Again it provided a fascinating response:

Q. Which is the company most likely to acquire Seeing Machines?

A. As an AI language model, I don’t have access to information about potential acquisitions or the future plans of companies, and it is difficult to predict which company might acquire Seeing Machines, if any. However, it’s worth noting that Seeing Machines has partnerships with a number of major players in the automotive and transportation industries, including Caterpillar, Boeing, and General Motors, and has also received investment from companies like Qualcomm and Samsung. This suggests that Seeing Machines is a company with valuable technology and expertise in the field of driver monitoring, and it could be an attractive acquisition target for companies looking to expand their capabilities in this area. That being said, any potential acquisition would depend on a range of factors, including the strategic goals and financial resources of the acquiring company, as well as the interests and priorities of Seeing Machines and its stakeholders.

However, despite a fair general answer (albeit a bit out-of-date), those who read my previous post, Take your seat for the ‘Battle of the Titans’ will have a better idea of the likely players in a future takeover battle. 

The writer is long Seeing Machines. If you’d like to know more about how to make money from stocks he is available for long boozy lunches – provided someone else picks up the tab. Alternatively, just read this blog.

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