A$23m Stellantis win for Seeing Machines

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It seems likely that the OEM win announced today by Seeing Machines is for Stellantis, using Magna’s driver monitoring system (DMS) in a mirror.

In any case, given the minimum lifetime value is A$23m, it is a pretty safe assumption that it will actually end up being at least three times that figure.

Cenkos close to upgrading

Broker Cenkos has maintained its 20p price target but admits it really could be lowering its discount rate and bumpting up that target price, given Seeing Machines’ accelerating win rate that is leaving competitors far behind.

Here’s the concluding comment from Marc Bunce, the Cenkos analyst covering Seeing Machines: “This new automotive DMS award comes less than two weeks since the last which further supports our view that Seeing Machines win rate and market share in automotive Driver Monitoring Systems are increasing. It is also reassuring to hear that this view is now also publicly supported by Nick DiFiore with his expectation for 40% market share by volume now marginally ahead of our expectations which represent around 38.5% by volume to 2030. We iterate our Buy recommendation and 20p valuation and note there remains significant upside in this from reductions in our discount rate, small increases in our Automotive market share expectations, increases in our cautious aftermarket expectations and the addition of aviation (we will incorporate aviation when we get visibility into meaningful contributions).”

Certainly, when Seeing Machines announces the wins I referred to yesterday I expect Cenkos to upgrade.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.

2 thoughts on “A$23m Stellantis win for Seeing Machines

  1. Thanks for your update. This news and the market’s under-reaction made me buy a little more…

    I wish the company would quantify not just the initial contract value but also a RANGE of potential future revenues based on existing platforms.

    If the company would articulate its path to positive cash flows, I expect the stock could initially double before re-rating much higher from there.

    • I agree with you. Still, I’m expecting so much positive news over the next couple of months that I expect the path to positive cash flow will be very clear. That will bring in a few more institutional investors and off we go. I expect potential buyers will be forced to act when that path is totally de-risked. We’ll soon find out.

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