Seeing Machines destroys the myth of agnostic DMS

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In a seminal White Paper published yesterday, Seeing Machines destroyed the myth that agnostic software can compete with its optimised and dedicated offerings. That’s why I am extremely confident it will win take at least 75 per cent of all auto contracts going forward through partnerships with Qualcomm, OmniVision, Ambarella, Xilinx and a host of Tier 1s.

In the White Paper, entitled: ‘The DMS Embedding Challenge’ its 3 authors; Timothy Edwards – Co-Founder of Seeing Machines, Rodney Stewart, Strategic Advisor and former Chief Engineer, and Alif Wahid, Senior Staff Core Technology Architect, explained at length how and why its technology is better than any of its competitors for Driver Monitoring.

In so doing it sets out the value of SEE’s IP and its approach in a way that those who truly understand the technicalities will certainly appreciate. I only wish I had the brains to totally understand it all — still, it is pretty accessible.

We can now be sure that all the talk of ‘software agnostic solutions’ from its competitors is nonsense. As it states: “The prevailing idea that any DMS supplier is able to offer highly compute-intensive product solutions in a software-only form, and be agnostic to the architectural differences in industry-leading System-on-Chips (SoCs), whilst also being commercially competitive, is a fallacy”.

I, therefore, don’t expect these competitors to win important contracts going forwards. That certainly isn’t priced into Seeing Machines share price, nor that of those competitors.

Another extract, detailing the possibilities of this technology for assessing human intention and state blew my mind — but then I do have a very vivid imagination!

“Despite being designed and built from the ground up for DMS solutions, the Occula NPU design when married with Seeing Machines DMS algorithm stack, may offer performance advantages to a far wider range of products – any product that is (i) price or power sensitive, and (ii) can yield an advantage from understanding contextual information about humans. We leave it to the reader to imagine the possibilities.”

As the industry and market analysts digest this White Paper I can certainly picture Qualcomm CEO Christiano Amon telling someone to run and get his chequebook, although he will have to be quick: “Looking ahead to the future possibilities in this segment of the automotive market, and also fanning out to other industries that adopt DMS technology as a matter of necessity – we see opportunities emerging for pushing the cutting edge of this technology much further. We have a world class team to exploit those opportunities, thanks to our deep knowledge and skills (spanning the full stack from top to bottom) when it comes to designing DMS products.”

It’s those possibilities that will ensure that Seeing Machines list of admirers must by now include the likes of Alphabet, Amazon and Apple.

Well done Seeing Machines!

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.

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