Long live the King of the DMS

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In a recent note from Redeye, its analyst commented that whoever wins VW or Toyota in the second half of the year will be ‘King of DMS’. He seems to think it may be Smart Eye, whereas I’m convinced it will be Seeing Machines that wins both.

I also believe Smart Eye will soon suffer the embarrassment of Volvo choosing Seeing Machines for its 2021 flagship XC90’s DMS.

Certainly, after a successful fundraise Smart Eye looks ‘strong and stable’ but as the British electorate knows only too well, the truth will out. Propaganda eventually has to give way to reality. That time has arrived for Theresa May and will very shortly arrive for Smart Eye. Tick tock.

Enough of analogies, Smart Eye even as number 2 will have its share of the cake that SEE doesn’t want. China is a big market and I wish it well there. I just hope Chinese consumers don’t take a ride in Byton’s M-Byte when it launches later this year — it features SEE’s superior DMS.

I also believe that the BMW X5 and Audi A8 will revert to Seeing Machines – for as the Beatle song Drive My Car, could have said:  ‘Using a DMS at up to 37mph is all very fine, but I can show you a better time’.

In the auto world premium means ‘the best’. In a very competitive market Audi and BMW can’t afford to look like chumps v. Mercedes when it comes to safety. That is why auto OEMs are telling, yes telling, Tier 1s to use Seeing Machines technology.

Some will naturally dispute what I’m saying. Still, let those with ears to hear, hear.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.

2 thoughts on “Long live the King of the DMS

  1. Glad to have you back writing again 😉 keep it up. Put some pressure on the company to think about it’s shareholders – especially now that there could technically be more three billion of them! SM needs some more positive news and a more reputable trading exchange… if not, then at least better investor relations!

  2. Any thoughts on the management shuffle? I think Paul could serve well as the permanent CEO?

    I deduce that the BdMS customer is Waymo (as you predicted, and youtubers captured, months ago) and this makes extra sense given Waymo & GM are working so closely together. I wonder what releases can get announced next/soon!?

    Did anyone notice Lombard Odier now owns more than 12%!? I am not familiar with their strategy or track record… anyone?

    Also, what are your thoughts on that SmartEye dms product? Seems to be directed towards meeting Chinese regulatory requirements? How big of a lead does SM still likely have (in years)?

    Lastly, are there any blurbs or excerpts you can share from updates from the “research people” at Cenkos or Cannacord regarding the industry, announcements or management + board changes?

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