Remain positive on Seeing Machines

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This is just a short note to say that, despite the current shareprice being very much in the doldrums I remain positive on Seeing Machines as a business and investment.

It is the global leader in driver/occupant monitoring and, while I’m frustrated at the lack of news recently, I am confident more good news is coming. How can it not? Manufacturers of cars, buses and lorries are going to have to install driver monitoring in Europe from 2024. Given lead times, they have to make decisions now as to who to use. This process is also being replicated in the US, China and Japan.

Seeing Machines is already benefitting from this trend in partnership with many large players, such as Qualcomm and Magna.

In addition, I believe a behemoth will bid for Seeing Machines. Most likely a chip company but others are also in the frame if a bidding war breaks out.

Of course, you should make your investment decisions based on your own research. I have been wrong before and undoubtedly will be again. Only investing what you can afford to have tied up for a while is a good rule.

I look forward to meeting some of you at the investor event in London on Friday, 7th October.

The writer holds stock in Seeing Machines.

2 thoughts on “Remain positive on Seeing Machines

  1. Good luck on the 7th. I look forward to reading your note from the meeting (please share)… and I hope you will be willing to continue this blog even after SM (hopefully) unhitches itself from the AIM? Unless of course it’s first gobbled up by another company 😉

  2. Any chance you would be willing to “rebut” the various assumptions Redeye makes in the wake of that seemingly great Magna news? Surely there is something negative, but small if anything and far outweighed by positives!?

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